What is a pull-up?

Pull ups are a unique excercise which recruit 13 different muscles which makes it a difficult movement yet offers the most reward for any single movement. Being able to perform multiple pull ups is a true gauge of ones strength and only possible if your power to weight ratio is within a healthy range. We encourage you to take the 20 pull ups challenge and witness your capabilities when strictly following the program.

Primary Muscle:

Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

Secondary Muscles:

Brachialis (Lower Biceps)
Brachioradialis (Forearm)
Biceps Brachii (Biceps)
Teres Major (Outer Back)
Deltoid, Posterior (Rear Delts)
Infraspinatus (Rotary Cuff)
Teres Minor (Rotary Cuff)
Rhomboids (Middle Back)
Levator Scapulae (Rear Neck)
Trapezius, Middle (Upper Traps)
Trapezius, Lower (Lower Traps)
Pectoralis Minor (Chest)

Stabilizer Muscles:


Pull ups vs. Chin ups. its all in the grip.

Pull ups are performed with your palms facing away from you. Chin ups are performed with your palms facing inward toward you. Chin ups require more from your biceps and pecs. The pull up demands more from your lower Latissimus Dorsi (Lats). Chin ups are easier to perform as they offer more arm leverage and bicep influence. Once you have exhausted your max pull up reps Supinate your grip and try some chin ups you will see employing a diffent group of muscles allows you to continue your workout.

Beginners’ Tips:

Negative pull up:
Climb up to the bar so you start in the topmost position, then slowly lower yourself. Work against the gravity and try to lower yourself as slow as you can.
Jumping pull up:
Stand on a stable appropriate height plyometric box or bumper plates which allow you to reach the pull up bar while standing with your arms stretched upward. Simply jump up to create momentum and use your muscles to carry you the rest of the way upward.
Static holds:
Static holds are the absolute most entry level way to safely start building strength to do your first pull up. Simply just hang from the pull up bar with your arms extended or with your arms flexed with your chin at the bar.
Assisted pull up:
Rubber assist bands are a great tool to get you on your way to doing pull ups.
Rope rows:
Hang a rope or strap from your pull up bar and with your feet on the ground and out in front of you row your way upward to build the strength for your first pull up.

Pull ups for girls

Pull ups arent just for men. Women can excel too. Heres a video:

Pull ups for beginners video

Advanced pull ups video

The advancement opportunities and movements on a pull up bar are endless and you can never get bored doing pull ups.